Clear Aligners (Clear braces)

Clear aligners is the generic term for a method of straightening the teeth using clear plastic trays. It doesn't involve using the traditional bracket and wire braces that are glued onto the teeth.

Clear Aligners - Clear Correct

Clear Aligners - Clear Correct

Dental Orthodontics - Clear Aligners - Clear braces

Dental Orthodontics - Clear Aligners - Clear braces

Clear aligners are one of the most revolutionary tooth-straightening options, capable of altering the arrangement of your teeth without using traditional braces. The aligners are all removable, which means there are no food restrictions, issues flossing, or brushing around wires.

Clear aligners involve a series of clear retainers, which you can wear over a length of time to improve the alignment of your teeth without having to wear the older style metal braces. Each aligner is custom designed, using 3D computer imaging technology, for your teeth.


Clear Aligners - Clear Correct - Clear Braces

Clear Aligners - Clear Correct - Clear Braces

How do clear braces/aligners work?

The number of retainers depends on the severity of crowding and misalignment and can range from for a few months to a couple of years. Each retainer is worn for two weeks. While not everybody’s teeth are suited for clear aligners, it is a great option for straightening teeth in most people.

Clear aligners are an ideal treatment for a wide range of orthodontic issues, such as crowding, spacing, cross bites, and open bites.

Before treatment, it is important and highly recommended to undergo a thorough examination so that the dentist can detect and treat any active dental and periodontal disease that will compromise the aligners and final treatment outcome.

Your health insurance may cover some of the cost. It is important that you check with your health insurance as to what benefits you will be getting since each patient has a different level of coverage.

When you visit us for consultation, we will provide you with a treatment plan, which can be given to your health insurance to determine your rebate and out-of-pocket costs.

Why choose clear aligners (clear braces)?

  • The aligners are discreet, which means no one will easily notice that you’re under treatment

  • The treatment is non-invasive and pain-free

  • The aligners are removable so you can easily remove them when eating or cleaning your teeth at home

  • It is beneficial for teens and adults

  • It can address several orthodontic issues. However, it’s ideal for mild to moderate cases.


Below are some examples of Clear Correct Cases

Clear Correct Cases